Hardware simulator for Turbo Pascal.

These pages describes how to use Turbo Pascal as hardware description language.

As in VHDL you can make your own components and you can connect the components into functional units.

By using Turbo Pascal you obtain all the facilities of the Borland Turbo Pascal and you are not limited to the VHDL description language.

Source code are included.

Using Turbo Pascal as Hardware Description Language.

Download Turbo Hardware Description Language, THDL6V14.ZIP (41K).
Download Data Flow Graph unit, DFG6V10.ZIP (11K).
Download Multitasking, MULTIV11.ZIP (33K).

Transistor simulating and worst case analyses is possible, by using new signal values. (using change to high, change to low, charged signals etc.). The simulator counts signals too.

THDL6 is updated 22 April 1999.

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